Monday, June 23, 2008

Claire's Mountain

Claire decided to build a mountain of sand. In the picture with her arms spread out, she is saying, "Ta-da!"

Day Two at the Shore!

On our second day in NJ, it was much warmer to say the least. Try about 20 degrees warmer! I like it warm at the beach though, so that is great with me. Once again, the girls loved the sand, and the surf! Laura found a friend about her age to play with and that is always good. After a yummy dinner at an Irish Pub, we walked the girls to a play-ground for some exercise to run off their sugary desserts! Hope you enjoyed the pictures!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Playing in the Surf


Boardwalk Pictures

More Beach and Boardwalk Pictures

First Day at the Beach!

Our first day at the beach was a little on the cool side, but that didn't deter Laura from getting in the water that was below 60 degrees! Claire was even getting in before we left. I do not like water below 80 degrees so I stayed clear and just took pictures with Emily. The girls were loving the sand and they started digging right away.
That night we took the girls to the Boardwalk in some matching dresses. They were definitely attracting attention as you can imagine! Lucy and Claire loved the rides and AnnaClaire loved the carousel, but...she preferred the rest of the rides from the sidelines. She agreed to ride a truck with all four girls and moments after it started the tears came too and the kind girl running the ride stopped it and let her off. Little Miss Personality shocked us all by being a spectator when it came to rides, but she jumped and clapped while her friends rode. Claire, who doesn't miss many meals, protested that she didn't want to eat because she didn't want to stop riding the rides. At the end of the evening we were eating these wonderful fried doughy treats that were covered in powdered sugar while Emily and Laura rode the big rides. Day 2 ended and we all had a wonderful time! The adults were more ready to go home than the little ones!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

To the Shore!

Very early Thursday morning Laura, Claire and I left our home and flew to New Jersey to get together with 2 other AWAA families. We are all members of a Yahoo Group we call the Chatty Sisters. We all adopted SN girls about the same time. Lucy and her mom, Laura were so generous to invite us to their shore home. We were joined by AnnaClaire, Emily, and their mom Pam. Many of you probably know AnnaClaire from the amazing blog that her sister keeps. On Thursday we arrived and we went to IKEA and ate lunch (who knew IKEA had a cafeteria), and the girls wanted to stay and play all day. They loved the toys and the slide. That evening we took a walk with the girls in the wagon. There were lots of giggles as we walked to a beautiful park in one of the loveliest towns I think I have ever been in. The houses were so wonderful. They were all so charming, and each was so unique. Laura and Lucy and their family have an absolutely beautiful shore home and Laura C was the perfect hostess. I will post more about the rest of our trip later. Lots of cute pictures that include matching dresses coming soon!