Saturday, March 15, 2008

The Birds and the Bees!

Yesterday, Claire informed me that she knew the difference between boys and girls. Not wanting to appear surprised I simply said, "You do?" and she said, "Yes, I do." Well all sorts of things started running through my head as I tried to decide how to properly address this with a 3 year old without giving her more information than she was prepared for. In short, I didn't want to do what the gentleman in the video below did! :)
Check it out. It is pretty funny!

The Talk!

As you can imagine, I didn't want to explain far too much when Claire may have something else entirely in mind. I decided to proceed by asking Claire how she can tell the difference and she said, "It's easy. Girls wear panties, and boys wear unnerwears!" Of course they do. All the the boys in this house wear "unnerwears" and we ladies certainly do wear panties. Glad I listened before I starting talking. I bet the father in that video above wishes he had too!


Monday, March 3, 2008

Piggie Tails!

I know you are shocked at 2 posts in 2 days, but we had warmer weather here today and it made me long for spring and summer. With this longing came the desire for Claire to have pig tails. Well, after trying this out, she was ready for an impromptu photo-shoot. Here is a collage of Claire showing-off her new do and posing with some "rock-band" style poses.

A New Star!

Laura has had a very busy and exciting week. She was allowed to be in the high school's production called Silhouettes of Broadway. They basically took a stroll through time and gave the audience a look at Broadway through the years. Laura was a little girl in Meredith Wilson's "The Music Man". As you can see from the pictures she played a normal little girl from the period for the song "Trouble" and after that she raced backstage to change into an Indian costume to perform with the "famous" Mayor's wife. She absolutely loved every minute of it. She loved the practices, the 4:45 AM dress rehearsal to be on the news, the 8 shows and the friendships she formed. I think she may have formed a love for the theatre that won't soon fade. She and Claire have always been able from the age of 2 to sit through an entire video of "Oklahoma", or "The Music Man". This past summer I took Laura to see "Wicked" on stage and ever since then you can hear both she and Claire walking around the house belting out tunes from the CD. As a family we all went to see the "Lion King" when it came within driving distance. Claire went to see the 3 hour show 3 times and sat perfectly still the whole time unless you count the fact that she was singing along with Elfaba and Glinda during the scenes from "Wicked"! She may have sang a few notes from "Hairspray" too. I was also told that during her 3rd trip to the show that she was heard singing "Jesus Christ, Jesus Christ, Jesus Christ," over and over again. Of course this was during "Jesus Christ Superstar". I guess she didn't quite get the superstar word so she just kept singing what she heard. Here are some pictures of Laura on her final day of the musical. The one picture is of her with her favorite star, Elfaba. This girl was an amazing singer. She gave me chills each and every performance. I can definitely see her going places.